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Winery Growth Acceleration Program

The accountants at Cook CPA help California stockholders, creditors, and private investors be sure the financial statements are accurate and true.

What Tools to Thrive Provides

Helping you view your Winery as an asset that can be scaled up

Increase Your Cashflow

Decrease Your Expenses

Grow Your Revenue Streams

Improve Your Investments

Retirement Planning & Advice

Strategic Goal Planning

Staff Training on Goal Success

Overall Improvement

Winery Business Insights from Cook CPA

After spending two decades as an uber successful money lady and President of Cook CPA, Evelyn Cook has seen it all when it comes to the winery business. She’s seen what the best wineries do to scale their business and the mistakes many companies make that prevent them from reaching their potential.

When creating Tools to Thrive, Evelyn worked through the weeds with some of the top wineries to find out how they overcame challenges to scale their businesses. Evelyn’s deep knowledge of business finance and accounting, as well as her strategic acumen, allow her to tease out the nuances that truly make the biggest difference between ultimate success and epic failure.

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Evelyn Cook, President

Winery Growth Process

This five step process is designed to make your winery business thrive

Winery Business Growth - Cook CPA GroupDuring the Kick Off phase we do a deep dive with you to understand you financial dreams and aspirations so that we determine the type of growth we’ll target for your winery.

Defining Your Vision

  • Frame Your Relationships
  • Define Your Offers
  • Set Your Expectations
  • Make S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Winery Business Growth - Cook CPA GroupDuring the Winery Business Planning phase we work with you to create a wholistic picture of your current and potential product sales opportunities.

Define Your Business Model

  • What do you sell?
  • Who do you sell to?
  • How do you sell it?
  • Who and what do you rely on?

Winery Business Growth - Cook CPA GroupDuring the Financial Growth Modeling phase we’ll work with you to model the internal and external financial growth drivers of your winery.

Modeling Your Growth

  • Analyze Financials
  • Growth Patterns
  • Revenue : Expenses
  • Forecasting Categories

Winery Business Growth - Cook CPA GroupDuring the Winery Growth Planning phase we’ll compile all the research undertaken and combine it with our strategic insights to present you with a comprehensive step-by- step growth plan for your winery.

Analyzing Data to Project Growth

  • Compiling Research
  • Strategic Insights
  • Business Roadmap
  • Full Financial Forecast

Winery Business Growth - Cook CPA GroupDuring the Tracking and Strategic Guidance phase we’ll meet with you regularly to track progress towards your goals and help you make business decisions to course correct as necessary.

Ongoing Growth Strategy

  • Cyclical Meeting
  • Tracking Progress
  • Correcting Courses
  • Analyzing Business Decisions

Winery Growth Packages

Which package is right for you?

All Plans Come with 2 Months Free with Annual Billing


$ 1,500
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Winery goal setting and business health check

  • Financial KPIs
  • Winery business financial KPIs in the cloud

  • Benchmark Metrics
  • Real-time benchmark metrics in the cloud

  • Strategic Planning Session
  • One Year Sales Forecast
  • Monthly Reporting
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$ 3,000
  • Everything in Insight Package +
  • Three Year Financial Plan
  • 2 Winery financial scenarios
  • Monthly advisory meeting
  • Strategic Business Plan
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$ 5,000
  • Everything in Growth Package +
  • 5 Winery Financial scenarios
  • Web Page and PPT
  • Business Overview Quick Pitch Web Page and PPT

  • Dedicated Financial Support Team
  • Quarterly Mastermind Training
  • Annual Tax Filing
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