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Employment Opportunities

If you're looking for a career as a tax accountant or consultant in the Sacramento, CA area, view our openings at Cook CPA Group today.

Join Cook CPA to acquire skills to make a difference to a business.

At Cook CPA, our role for a recent college graduate helps them gain the necessary experience to become a CPA and provides a platform to become a business consultant adept in accounting and tax solutions. We achieve this commitment to you by emphasizing the following:

Client Focused:

  • Provide superior personalized services with practical and cost-effective solutions to clients’ needs.
  • Provide clients with the capability to focus on their businesses by working collaboratively with their bookkeepers, controllers, and financial managers to streamline big-picture perspectives.
  • Provide trusted advice and guidance on strategies to assist clients meet their business objectives and goals (i.e., SWOT analysis).
  • Fulfill our professional obligation with respect, integrity and honesty, and fulfill our commitments as promised.
  • Support our clients in their community by attending their events and engaging with them in person.

Firm Focused:

  • Keep abreast of the most recent technical financial information to service our clients as best as we can.
  • Work as a team allowing everyone to prosper along in the journey for our clients’ objectives.
  • Strive for constant and never-ending improvement on our Core Values, and Company Objectives.
  • Continue working on templates and efficiency protocols.