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Business Services

At Cook CPA Group, we pride ourselves on helping you control your finances. Contact our office for tax service consultations and more.

Tax Services for Businesses

Every company, no matter its size, needs to control and manage its finances in order to be successful. Monitoring income and expenditure, maintaining a positive cash flow and effective tax planning are all vital if a business is to be profitable. For owners of small or medium-sized businesses, small business accounting administration can be a challenge. Business owners may find that they lack the time or expertise to carry out essential accounting tasks. On the other hand, employing an in-house expert can be expensive.

The Cook CPA Group offers a practical, affordable solution for companies seeking business accounting in the USA. Small business accounting tasks can be provided to clients on a monthly or quarterly basis. By appointing Cook CPA Group to undertake regular accounting tasks, small business owners can concentrate on developing and growing their companies. Support can be tailored to the needs of individual businesses. The accounting support provided by CPA group includes:

• Bank reconciliations
• Income statements
• Balance sheets
• General ledger reviews

Effective Tax Planning and Preparation Maximizes Profits

In order to be most effective, tax planning activities should take place throughout the year. By reviewing your income and expenditure monthly or quarterly, Cook CPA Group can help you to minimize your tax liabilities by taking full advantage of all deduction, credits and provisions that are legally available.

By offering a proficient understanding of complex tax law and regulations, Cook CPA Group assists its clients to achieve business success. Through clear, straightforward explanations, our tax planning experts help small business clients to fully understand the impact of their tax liabilities on their profits. When they understand the tax implications of various business activities, clients can structure their companies to minimize tax payments and maximize profitability.

Independent Scrutiny

If you do employ an in-house accountant or finance team, you may want to subject your processes to periodic external review. This ensures that your financial systems are efficient and effective. It also reduces the potential for loss through errors or fraud. Cook CPA Group has years of experience of auditing and reporting on small and medium business accounts in the USA. A financial systems health check from Cook CPA Group will provide you with reassurance that your processes and systems are robust.

Cook CPA Group offer free, no-obligation consultations to new small and medium business clients in the USA.