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Tax and Accounting Services for Manufacturing Businesses

Our expert accountants have experience with tax and accounting services for manufacturing businesses. Call for a free consultation.

Manufacturing is the engine that drives the state’s economy in the United States. However, doing business here is difficult, and competition is fierce. It’s getting tougher every year to maintain your competitive advantage due to increasingly strict tax laws, demanding financial reporting standards, and ever-changing regulations. That’s why you need a smart, experienced tax professional on your side—not simply at tax time but every day of the year.

A tax professional with extensive experience in financial accounting and a manufacturing sector specialist. Evelyn Cook, CPA, owner of the Cook CPA Group, is that financial expert with more than 25 years of experience working with manufacturers.

Work With Our Tax Professionals

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Whether you work in the manufacturing sector as a raw material extraction, production, transportation, or recycling and waste management, Cook CPA Group’s tax and accounting specialists have the knowledge to help you take advantage of current tax legislation.

We stay up to speed on tax law that affects your company, such as recent IRS rules clarifying repairs and maintenance costs for tangible property. And we assist corporations like yours with complex tax legislation such as new R & D tax credit limitations issued by the IRS and Treasury that allow you to maximize taxes credits and deductions while increasing your bottom line. But that’s not all we do.

We Offer Partner Level Service With a Personal Touch

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Cook CPA Group provides partner-level service and pleasant, personable, and professional services in the IT and gaming industries as well as the manufacturing sector.

We make every effort to be timely with our replies and respond to your questions. We work hard all year long to improve your financial situation, from protecting income and increasing profits through tax planning assessments, meeting business and financial objectives, and keeping competitiveness in a changing regulatory and tax environment. When you engage Cook CPA Group as a provider of accounting services, you will get the following:

  • Accounting and Payroll Services & Support
  • Tax Preparation that complies with all US state and federal laws.
  • Tax Planning that prepares customers to increase growth and reduce taxes.
  • Strategic Business Planning to simplify business goals and prepare your business for new loans and funding.
  • Taxpayer Representation in IRS/State Tax Audits
  • Cost accounting (for reporting and/or pricing purposes)
  • Cost segregation for your facilities and plants
  • Managing costs and external risks
  • Inventory evaluation strategies
  • CFO Consulting on all tax-related business issues.
  • Financial Auditing to give you assurance of your financial statements.

Let Our Accountants Help You Stay Ahead of the Competition

Don’t allow changing laws, economic conditions, rising supply prices, and globalization in a worldwide market place get in the way of your success.

Cook CPA Group is a tax and accounting firm that provides skilled, honest advice and hands-on help to businesses of all sizes. We’re here to help you keep on track and meet profit goals, control expenses, manage inventory, enhance your bottom line, and save money through our industry expertise in manufacturing business-related tax law as your trusted partner and tax advisor.