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Veterinary Accountants

The accountants at Cook CPAs help veterinarians, clinics, and veterinary hospitals with tax issues, returns and bookkeeping.

You most likely became a veterinarian because you love animals, but if you’ve established a veterinary practice, you’re probably aware that there’s much more to it than simply loving animals.

There’s an office to run, rules to follow, and organizational issues that come with being a small, but developing business. Even if you’ve found an excellent office manager to handle the day-to-day administrative work and a fantastic bookkeeper to handle payroll, it feels at times like you spend more time dealing with administrative and tax problems than doing

Tax and Accounting Services for Veterinary Practices

Veterinary accountants are rare and hard to come by, but Cook CPA Group is one of our specialties. For more than 25 years, we’ve been assisting veterinarians in the United States. We also serve equestrian companies across the country, and our tax and accounting specialists are proud pet owners of a cockatiel among other animals.

President and owner Evelyn Cook, CPA, remembers this curious story that shows why helping out veterinary practices is more than just a job for her:

“My vet was there for me when I needed her. The last Sheltie puppy born in a litter of six was the runt, a fighter who was half the size of her siblings and whom I called Blair. She couldn’t lie down to nurse, so my attempts to feed a puppy with a bottle began.
Unfortunately, as a first-time breeder, it was difficult and my efforts failed. Blair became dehydrated and limp, and I called my breeder in a panic to save him. Despite our best efforts, however, Blair was losing ground fast.
Fortunately, my veterinarian came to the rescue. After thoroughly examining Blair for any obvious issues, she advised me that she should be given Pedialyte. I was relieved to learn that Blair loved the Pedialyte and began gaining weight.
“Baby Blair” would not have survived without the expert care and personalized attention of my veterinarian.”

And here’s another touching story:

Following Blair’s recovery, my Doberman Bode sustained a herniated disk injury in his C5/C6 vertebrae and required immediate surgery to remove the disk material. A team that included a neurologist, his regular vet, and a rehabilitation veterinarian responded promptly to assist Bode throughout and after the operation. Bode recovered completely.”

At Cook CPA Group, We Understand Veterinary Accounting Needs

Evelyn Cook, CPA, saw first-hand the commitment that veterinarians have for their animal patients and the passion they have for their jobs when she faced these particular difficulties. She is equally devoted to her chosen area of expertise as a Certified Public Accountant and to the financial success of all of her customers.

At Cook CPA Group, we offer tax, accounting, and virtual CFO services for veterinary clinics as well as financial forecasting and strategic business planning services.

Let’s get started! We can help you set up an accounting system that meets IRS and state standards while also making it simple to produce accurate financial statements. We keep up with issues in our field by ensuring that our continuing education is useful to our clients.

Whether you’re considering purchasing another vet practice, selling your current firm, or recognizing it’s time to figure out a succession plan because you’re ready to retire, we are here to assist you.

Work With An Established CPA Who Cares About Your Veterinary Practice

Evelyn Cook, CPA explains how to use the IRS’s form 1040EZ, a simplified tax return for veterinarians and their staff, so you can get a better idea of your financial alternatives and make more informed decisions about your future practice’s growth through effective tax planning.