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Are your business practices increasing your tax bill? Cook CPA Group can help you optimize your financial picture to minimize tax liability through their proficient understanding of tax preparation and planning, responsive action on your behalf, and clear communication of sometimes obtuse tax rules so you understand what’s really going on. With Cook CPA Group, you gain the clarity and knowledge to make better decisions about business practices that can impact your tax burden.

Whether you are an agricultural or manufacturing company, a winery, veterinarian practice or have a horse business or other small business owner, we will work to optimize your financial situation for maximum tax and business benefit.

Cook CPA Group is proficient is putting the puzzle together, seeing the solution and communicating the right course of action. We strive to be responsive in a timely manner to you and meet your deadline. One of our strengths is our ability to inform and educate you in a way that leads directly to results.

As a certified public accountant firm, we have chosen to specialize in the industries listed below as we enjoy solving financial puzzles by seeing the solution and communicating the right course of action for those unique businesses.

Our ultimate goal is to provide clarity to bridge the gap between what your intuition is telling you about you financial picture and reality. Often business owners know what is happening; we like to provide the understanding in tax language or generally accepted accounting principles to help you realize your goals.

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Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries
Veterinary Accountants
Equine Accounting
Small and Medium Businesses