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Franchisor Auditing Services

The experienced accountants at Cook CPA can help with franchisor business needs and challenges from auditing to bookkeeping.

In the United States, franchising is a huge industry. When it comes to auditing, franchisors are subject to a slew of regulations, and hiring a franchise CPA may help guarantee compliance. The Federal Trade Commission (or FTC) , for example, requires that franchisees provide full disclosure of the business’s franchise and submit annual financial statements for evaluation.

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a set of rules that govern commercial transactions in the United States. These regulations provide assurance to purchasers who are unsure about entering into new risks. At the same time, franchisors must stay on top of their finances by hiring an experienced accountant to examine their records on a regular basis. If you want more information about our Franchisor Auditing Services, contact us today!

Franchise financial statements are crucial for a successful and efficient management of your franchise. Audits ensure that everything is recorded properly, which eliminates the risk of running into problems with meeting regulatory or compliance standards. There may be some additional advantages to undergoing this procedure, such as detecting any internal issues that could help you address current and future issues affecting your company, such as possible mismanagement or oversight failures in other areas of operations due to personnel changes, among other factors.

Cook CPA Group: Experienced Franchisor CPA Firm

We’ve been assisting franchisors with their complex accounting and auditing needs for more than 25 years, from cash flow management to payroll to taxes. We’re not only aware of every area of tax law that concerns franchise companies, but we also understand the long-term commitment it takes to make one successful.

Franchisor CPAs Need Specialized Expertise

Our experienced franchisors CPAs at Cook CPA Group understand the distinct and complicated auditing standards for a large franchise company like yours – from locations to upkeep, goods to personnel.

As one of the advantages of their services, Cook CPA Group’s tax experts give you personalized attention. You also get the following advantages from hiring Cook CPA Group’s knowledgeable, courteous, and tax experts:

  • Finance auditing. To verify the accuracy of your financial records, they should be reviewed by an accountant.
  • Preparation of taxes. For quarterly and annual returns, we will make sure that all state and federal regulations are followed.
  • Consulting for CFOs. We advise our clients on all tax-related matters.
  • Planning your business strategy. Ensure that your goals are clear and that you are prepared to take on new loans or access additional capital if required.
  • Planning taxes. It’s possible to maximize your profits and minimize your taxes all year.

We Succeed When You Succeed

We are in charge of ensuring that you make the most of all the credits and deductions accessible to you under federal and state tax rules, whether you own a small locally-owned company or a large franchise group.