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Accounting Services for Law Firms

Contact the Cook CPA Group for accounting services to assist your law firm. Call us today for a consultation.

As an attorney, you spend a lot of time advising your clients, filing motions, drafting contracts, obtaining documents, questioning witnesses, researching previous cases, bargaining demands, and litigating cases in court. Regardless of whether you’re a bankruptcy lawyer or anything else , you don’t have enough time to handle everything about your law firm’s financial arrangements and policies.

Focus on what you’re good at – representing your clients successfully – and let Cook CPA Group take care of your company’s financial concerns.

The Professional Accountant Association (CPA) and NCB have worked together since 2011 to provide a wide range of accounting services for solo practitioners and law firms that practice law in the United States. Our team of CPAs, tax experts, and business advisors proudly serves attorneys and law firms all across the country.

Seasoned Law Firm Accountants Serving Your Legal Practice

You put in a lot of effort into the procedure of preparing for settlement discussions, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. However, representing your client is only one aspect of maintaining your success in the legal business.

Solo practice or law firm management also necessitates constant and thorough examination of the company’s financial issues, such as budgeting, goal-planning, funding, and investment.

Because taxes are so complex, it’s critical to be proactive and diligent. You must keep an eagle eye on each of these concerns while at the same time exercising caution to ensure that you are in full conformity with local, state, and federal tax laws. At the same time, you must find methods to minimize your income taxes while taking advantage of deductions and other possibilities, as well as devise creative strategies for using the U.S. Tax Code strategically.

As an attorney, you already understand better than most people how important attention to detail is — especially when it comes to financial issues like recordkeeping and reporting income.

It’s easy to overlook something. While you should be diligent in your accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation duties, these tasks can all go by the wayside if you don’t pay close attention to details. Your accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation responsibilities are much better left to a specialist. You could end up losing money because of this mistake. Not paying close attention to details may have devastating personal and professional financial consequences for the long term survival of your practice.

Don’t put your faith in pro se representation that eats into your valuable time and raises the risk of costly mistakes. Instead, turn to our professional team of CPAs and experts, who have decades of combined knowledge on every issue we handle. Accounting and financial services provided by Cook CPA Group for your Sacramento-area legal practice include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Audit Services for Attorneys
    • (401)k Audit Services for Law Companies
    • Financial Statement Audit Services for Law Companies
    • Internal Audit Services for Law Companies
    • IRS Tax Audit Services for Law Companies
  • Business Services for Lawyers
    • Bookkeeping for Small Law Firms
    • Business Consulting for Law Firms
    • Internal Control Services for Law Firms
  • Law Firm CFO Services
    • Part-Time Law Firm CFO Services
    • Virtual CFO Services
  • QuickBooks and Bookkeeping Services for Attorneys
    • QuickBooks Setup for Attorneys
    • QuickBooks Education for Attorneys
    • QuickBooks Tune-Up for Attorneys
  • Tax Services for Attorneys
    • Tax Planning and strategy for Attorneys
    • Tax Preparation for Attorneys

The CPAs and consultants at Cook CPA Group can assist you with any of these issues. Whether you need tax advice on a potential company choice, want to perform a financial risk assessment or analyze industry trends, or require assistance in resolving other difficulties, our Sacramento accounting firm has the expertise, technical understanding, and practical experience to help you successfully. Our Sacramento accounting business has built a reputation for delivering warm and personalized service that helps your organization reach its full potential.

CPA, Accounting, and Consulting Services for Attorneys

Evelyn Cook, the president of Cook CPA Group, has more than 25 years of expertise as a Certified Public Accountant and offers that knowledge to each issue she works on behalf of attorneys and law firms in the United States.

When you choose Cook CPA Group to handle your tax issues, you can rest assured that your legal firm or solo practice will be handled by a reputable business that is well-known for delivering successful outcomes. Whether your company is new and requires aid in establishing its financial framework, or has been operating for many years and wants to update the current systems, Cook CPA Group can provide prompt and dependable service.