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Non-Profit Auditing Services

The experienced accountants at Cook CPA can help non-profit organizations address financial needs and challenges from auditing to bookkeeping.

Are you a charity? If that’s the case, get in touch with our specialists right away to make sure your organization’s fundraising and management don’t become overwhelming. Non-profits must care not only about their contributors but also those they want to assist in need through these donations when balancing tight budgets against goals.

When organizations like yours are under a lot of pressure from regulators and benefactors alike, mistakes can happen; we’re here as professionals that specialize in several areas, such as accounting or auditing – whatever help you need!

We offer the financial planning and management services that you need to get your nonprofit up and running. We can help you understand how your organization’s goals align with fundamental norms, values, principles, or beliefs of society. We’ll provide a solid foundation on which to build your organization’s success – without having to worry about taxes or finances!

Cook CPA Group: Professional Non-Profit CPA Firm

We’ve been assisting nonprofits with complicated accounting and auditing requirements for over 25 years, including cash flow management, payroll, and tax exemptions in the United States.

We are seasoned experts in all elements of non-profit tax law, and our specialties include helping you keep your organization going for the long term.

Non-Profit CPAs That Have Specialized Knowledge

Cook CPA Group’s non-profit CPAs know the unique challenges for auditing non-profits, from locations to services to volunteers to staff.

The tax expertise of Cook CPA Group provides you with a number of advantages, including individualized attention from its experts. You may also expect these benefits if you hire Cook CPA Group’s knowledgeable, experienced, and tax specialists:

  • Finance audits. Have your financial records audited to ensure their accuracy.
  • Preparation of tax returns. We handle quarterly and annual tax returns to comply with state and federal requirements.
  • CFO consulting services. We assist our clients at each stage of the process, from tax preparation to advice on how to prevent future problems.
  • Business strategy planning. Make sure your strategy is straight so that you are ready to accept new loans and funding if necessary.
  • Tax planning. For easier return preparation, keep track of exemptions and responsibilities.

Your Success Is Our Success

Our duty is to ensure that you take advantage of all the credits and exemptions available to you under federal and state tax laws, no matter how big or little your charity is.