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Tax and Financial Services for Individuals

The accountants at Cook CPAs help individuals with tax issues, audits and returns in the USA.

Whether you have been building wealth for years or are looking to begin planning for the future, the accountants and tax professionals of the Cook CPA Guide can provide careful guidance. At the Cook CPA Group, our team consists of CPAs, accountants, and other business development professionals. Drawing from the knowledge and experience of our team, we can provide tax, financial, wealth building, and estate planning services for Americans.

Regardless of your financial, estate planning, or tax needs you can always expect financial and business professionals from the Cook CPA Group to provide careful and strategic financial advice.

Tax Planning, Preparation, and Filing Services for Individuals

In the USA, nearly all taxpayers have an obligation to file and pay both state and federal income taxes. Technically, taxpayers do not incur an obligation to file taxes until their income exceeds certain amounts. However, in practice, these income thresholds are so modest that nearly all US citizens have an obligation to file both state and federal taxes. The failure to file and pay taxes can create grounds where a failure to file or failure to pay penalty can be imposed. Furthermore, a taxpayer who understands their obligations to file but has questions about business tax deductions and other aspects of the U.S. Tax Code may make mistakes and errors that can result in accuracy-related penalties being imposed.

If you have a business, we can assess your comprehensive financial picture. We can determine if your business is appropriately organized and structured for your financial needs and goals. If you have questions about your responsibility for business taxes the tax, financial, and business professionals at the Cook CPA Group can provide careful and strategic guidance.

Estate Planning Services for Individuals in the USA

Individuals living in the USA often understand the importance of estate planning. Estate planning is not only a key step in building wealth but also an important part of protecting what you already have accumulated. Furthermore, developing a comprehensive estate plan can also allow you to pursue your charitable and financial goals after you have passed on.

It is also important to engage in estate planning due to USA’s community property system. The community property system affects what happens to your property after you pass on. Under USA’s community property system, most property you or your spouse acquires during the marriage belongs to both spouses as community property. However, property acquired prior to the marriage or following the dissolution of the marriage is typically characterized as separate property. Aside from other goals, you should ensure that your estate plan will function appropriately in the USA. We can help assess whether your estate plan needs modifications or updates so that it accurately reflects your financial and other goals.

QuickBooks Services for Individuals

QuickBooks is a valuable tool for any individual who wishes to take control of their own financial future. At the Cook CPA Group, we believe in financially empowering our clients and all Americans. Therefore, we offer an array of QuickBooks training services. We can guide you through the Quickbooks set-up process and the basics of the software program. For individuals who already have some familiarity with the software program, we can also provide more advanced training for individual or business use. Furthermore, if you are already a QuickBooks expert and are looking for a review of your practices and books, we may be able to help.

Professional Tax, Estate Planning, and QuickBooks Training for Individuals

The  CPAs and tax professionals of the Cook CPA Group can provide an array of careful and strategic guidance to US citizens. From our accounting office, our financial professionals are dedicated to assisting individuals to get a handle on their taxes, build wealth, and take control of their financial future.