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Meet the accountant and consultant team at Cook CPA Group. Our team is happy to assist you with your needs.

At the Cook CPA Group, we understand that you are seeking to build and protect the wealth and lifestyle you enjoy. Our diverse team of recognized and decorated professionals can advise you regarding an array of personal income tax and business tax concerns. As far as series for individuals, we can handle an array of issues including tax planning, minimizing the risk of a federal tax audit, retirement planning, and wealth accumulation strategies. Services offered by our accountants for our business clients include guidance on stating a commercial venture, running your business, expanding your business, and winding down or selling your company.

Aside from our accounting services, our team has the experience and savvy to offer business guidance for agricultural and farming operations, horse breeders, vineyards and wine businesses, and veterinarians. A number of our employees have experience running businesses of these types and are familiar with the industry. Others are passionate about these subjects and can help you determine if your horse breeding or wine-making activities are a business because they can satisfy the hobby-loss rule and entitle you to tax benefits.

Whether your business or individual wealth-building strategies are well-developed and in need of a review or if you are just starting out, our accountants and business development specialists can provide on-point, step-by-step guidance. We can ensure that you comply with all tax and legal obligations set forth by the federal government.

To learn how each member of our the Cook CPA Group team can put their experience to work for you or your business, please click their profile below:

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