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Banks Cook, Office Curate

Learn about Evelyn Cook, the President of Cook CPA Group based in the Sacramento, CA area. Contact us for your personal consultation today.

Meet Banks: Our New Office Curator at Cook CPA

Stepping into Big (Paw) Prints

Greetings, humans! My name is Banks, and I’m the latest addition to the Cook CPA team, tasked with filling some seriously big paw prints left by the retired shelties. I’m a Labrador Retriever, and let’s just say, I’ve got a nose for business (and an undeniable love for treats).

A Labrador Retriever with a Mission

So, what does an office curator like me do? My primary responsibility is to ensure that every wagging tail (or lack thereof) is happy and well taken care of. Picture this: I’m the guy who keeps morale high, stress levels low, and desks free from unattended snacks. With my impeccable sense of smell and friendly demeanor, I’m the perfect furry companion to sniff out both accounting errors and leftover crumbs.

Learning the Ropes from the Sheltie’s Legacy

Taking over from the retired shelties was no small feat. These four-legged legends had a reputation around here for being exceptionally diligent and charming. They taught me that a wag of the tail could solve almost any problem and that the true measure of a successful day is how many belly rubs you’ve received.

Your Paw-tner in Productivity

Here’s a little info on how I help around the office. When you’re knee-deep in spreadsheets and tax forms, a well-timed nudge from me can break the monotony and spark joy. Need a walk to clear your mind? I’m there. Want to escape a dull meeting? I’ll create a diversion (squirrels, anyone?).

Client Relations Canine-ified

Not to bark my own horn, but clients love me too! Whether it’s a lick, cuddle, or simply lying down by your feet, I bring a comforting and personal touch to the often stressful world of finances. The other day, a client was so relaxed during a meeting, they almost fell asleep. Dozing during tax discussions? That’s a first!

Looking Forward to Fetching Success

I am excited to be part of Cook CPA and continue the legacy that the shelties started. So next time you’re visiting Cook CPA, come by and say hi! And remember, I’m here to make your accounting experience pawsitively rewarding.

Thanks for letting a dog have his day—now, who’s up for a game of fetch?