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Building A Vertically Integrated Wine Business

From growing grapes to selling wine, building a vertically integrated wine business with Peltier winery and vineyards. Learn how Peltier winery and vineyards grew their business into the success that it is today.

With so much turmoil in the world due to Covid, perhaps one of the hardest sectors was wine and spirits as they had to contend with restaurant closures. Yet despite these challenges, Peltier Winery and Vineyards has been able to maintain consistent steady growth due to great leadership and a well-run operation.

Join Evelyn as she speaks with Peltier owners, Rodney and Gayla Schatz about the trials and tribulations of growing grapes and selling wine!

Duration (26:46)

Podcast topics:

  • 00:00 Intro to Peltier Winery and Vineyard
  • 4:36 Working as a team and wearing many hats
  • 7:00 Finding good people and doing things in house
  • 12:01 Changing how wines sales due to Covid
  • 14:02 Pros and cons of regulations
  • 16:03 Vertical integration in the wine industry
  • 19:30 The Lodi Wine Grape Commision
  • 22:20 Sustainability is good business
  • 24:30 Wine making in Texas

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