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CPA Services for Veterinarians

You probably became a veterinarian because you love animals, but if you’ve opened a veterinary practice in Roseville or elsewhere in the Sacramento Valley learn about tax services for veterinarians in Roseville, CA with Cook CPA.

Tax and Accounting Services for Sacramento Veterinary Practices

You probably became a veterinarian because you love animals, but if you’ve opened a veterinary practice in Roseville or elsewhere in the Sacramento Valley, chances are, you quickly realized that there is much more to running your practice than just loving animals.

There is an office to run, regulations to comply with, and organizational challenges common to a small, but growing practice. Even if you’ve hired a terrific office manager to handle the day to day administrative tasks and a stellar bookkeeper to deal with payroll, it feels at times, like you spend more time dealing with administrative and tax issues and less time doing what you love.

At Cook CPA Group in Roseville, we love animals too, but we enjoy helping your small to medium sized veterinary practice maximize profits just as much.

Veterinary accountants are few and far between, but at Cook CPA Group, it’s one of our specialties. We’ve been working with veterinary practices throughout Sacramento for more than 25 years. We also work with equestrian businesses, not just in California, but all over the U.S., and our tax and accounting staff are proud owners of numerous animals including show dogs, horses, chickens, and a cockatiel.

Owner and President, Evelyn Cook, CPA recounts this story about why helping veterinary practices like yours is so important to her.

“My vet was there when I needed her. Of a litter of six Sheltie puppies, the last puppy born was the runt–a fighter who was half the size of her littermates that I named Blair. She could not position herself to nurse, and so my attempts at bottle feeding a puppy began.
As a new breeder, it was a challenge and my efforts failed. Blair became dehydrated and limp, and in a panic I called my breeder who was able to revive Blair temporarily. But despite our best efforts, Blair was losing ground quickly.
Fortunately, my vet saved the day. After thoroughly examining Blair for any physical problems, she recommended giving her Pedialyte. Much to my relief, Blair loved the Pedialyte and started gaining weight.
Without the professional care and personal concern of my vet, I am not sure “Baby Blair” would have survived.”

Here’s another story:

“Following Blair’s recovery, my Doberman Bode injured his back and needed immediate surgery to remove the disk material from C5/C6 in his vertebrae. An entire team—a neurologist, his regular vet, and a rehabilitation vet– quickly sprang into action to support Bode during and after the procedure. Bode made a full recovery.”

At Cook CPA Group, we understand veterinary accounting needs.

Through these very personal challenges Evelyn Cook, CPA was able to observe firsthand, the dedication that veterinarians have to their animal patients, as well as passion for their profession. As a Certified Public Accountant in California, she is equally passionate about her chosen profession and is dedicated to the financial success of all of her clients.

At Cook CPA Group, we provide tax, accounting, and virtual CFO services for veterinarian practices, as well as financial forecasting and strategic business planning services.

We work with you to set up an accounting system that meets IRS and state requirements and makes it easy to prepare accurate financial statements that help you make sound business decisions. We stay up to date on issues affecting your industry by ensuring our continuing education adds value to our clients.

And whether you’re looking to acquire another vet practice, sell your existing business, or realize it’s time to figure out a succession plan because you’re ready to retire, we are here to help.

Here’s what else we do for you:
• Tax Preparation in compliance with state and federal tax laws.
• Tax Planning that prepares clients to maximize growth and minimize taxes.
• Strategic Business Planning to clarify your direction and prepare your business for new loans and funding.
• CFO Consulting on all tax-related business issues.
• Financial Auditing to provide assurance of your financial statements.

Cook CPA Group cares as much as you do about your veterinary practice.

Just as she learned how to give subcutaneous fluids to a five-day-old puppy, Evelyn Cook, CPA helps you understand your financial options so you can make better decisions for the future growth of your practice through effective tax planning.

When you need better, more personal tax advice from someone who cares as much as you do about the health of your practice, call me, Evelyn Cook, CPA at 916-432-2218 and let Cook CPA Group, cpa for veterinarians, give your practice a tax review consultation at absolutely no cost to you.