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Gerri Meyers-Brown, Agricultural Business Consultant

Filling her role as an Agricultural Business Consultant at Cook CPA, Gerri Meyers-Brown adds specialized knowledge which helps facilitate business plans and costing projects for wineries, equine facilities and cattle operations.

Having achieved a Ph.D. in animal biology from U.C. Davis, she is an expert in her field with many published scientific papers relating to horse health and wellness. Her love of horses runs deep and has been a driving passion of her life. She shares this passion with others by educating veterinarians and helping them improve their quality of care. She has also spent over 18 years teaching at U.C. Davis indulging in her love of education.

Gerri prides herself in her honesty, integrity and hard work. Her dedication to her craft has allowed her to be rewarded with grants of $100k which is exceptional in the field of equine study. She constantly works to help bring new products to market while taking on projects she is interested in whether big or small. Caring for her family, animals, and work is central to who she is as a person.

As a 5th generation San Franciscan she carries on her family motto of keeping it simple. She does this by spending time with her family enjoying skiing and wakeboarding trips. The family often takes horse rides with their three horses to get outside and enjoy nature.