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Succeeding with the Independent Distillery Business Model

Discover the secrets of the most successful distilleries in Northern California and learn about Cook CPA's Tools to Thrive business framework for succeeding with the independent distillery business model.

Starting and growing a full-production distillery is no easy task! In this episode of the Tools to Thrive Podcast, Evelyn Cook CPA speaks with her clients, Matt and Colin, founders of Loch & Union, about challenges they’ve overcome while building their distillery into one of Northern California’s most successful distilleries!

(Duration: 21:13)

Podcast topics:

  • 02:13 – The inspiration behind Loch & Union Distillery
  • 03:43 – Deciding to start a distillery
  • 05:21 – Developing a spirit name and brand and dealing with trademark issues
  • 10:08 – Developing a distillery business plan
  • 12:10 – Creating a craft brand vs. contract business
  • 13:01 – Spirits sales strategy
  • 17:54 – Going direct to consumer
  • 20:18 – Should you add a tasting room

Evelyn Cook, CPA specializes in helping spirits companies scale their business. Through her Tools to Thrive business planning framework, she is able to identify financial obstacles to growth as well as to help owners make the best decisions for long term sustainable growth. To learn more about how Evelyn can help you grow your spirits business, please call (916) 724-1665 or email

Cook CPA Group provides the following services tailored for distilleries:

  • Business Planning
  • Corporate and Personal Tax
  • Financial and Operational Accounting
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Part-time CFO Services