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4 Reasons Why Outsourcing a CFO Saves You Money In Business

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Outsourcing the CFO role can be a huge money saver for your business. The CFO is one of the most critical roles you can hire to ensure the financial success of your business, yet hiring the right person can be daunting.

There are several benefits to outsourcing your CFO, many of which can help your business save money. In this post, we’re outlining the four major ways outsourcing CFO services is a better financial move for your business than hiring an in-house employee.

From making cost-cutting decisions to streamlining your tax filing process, outsourcing CFO responsibilities gives your business the flexibility it needs to keep thriving.

Let’s dive into the four ways outsourcing CFO services can help your business save money this year.

Take the Bias Out of Cost-Cutting Practices

CFOs play a crucial part in the success of your business. One of the main functions of their role is to ensure your business can sustain its current business structure. Tasks like administrative management, risk assessment, and business goal planning are high on the list of a CFO’s responsibilities.

Traditionally seen as the right-hand of the CEO, a CFO must have their eyes on every big move your business makes. Making cost-cutting decisions is among the most challenging tasks a CFO will face. CFOs are often tasked with examining bloated overhead and making difficult firing decisions. While deciding to cut jobs and fire large swaths of employees is not easy for any executive, the fact is having an unbiased party making the difficult call is much easier for all involved.

An outsourced CFO helps your business identify areas, like payroll, where you can make cost-cutting moves to save money. By removing the emotional aspect of such decisions, you can feel confident to make those tough business moves with sound financial justification.

Remain Focused on Financial Goals

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Both in-house CFOs and outsourced CFOs wear many hats. However, a critical difference between hiring an outsourced CFO is that they are not bogged down by your business’s daily operations like an in-house CFO may be. In-house CFOs can quickly become time-strapped with team meetings, team management, and unnecessary paperwork. Instead of focusing on money-saving functions like closing financial gaps and managing cash flow, in-house CFOs can be distracted by other business-related functions. In fact, a recent report by Datarails indicates that CFOs spend around 10 hours per week on manual work rather than on strategic financial analysis.

Hiring an outsourced CFO means your budget, cash flow management, risk assessment, and financial reporting are all done off-site by a professional whose only job is to ensure your finances are running smoothly. Your business’s cash flow is the most critical part of staying financially solvent. It’s essential that the person you hire as your CFO has the time and mental energy to complete a routine in-depth analysis of your finances. These reports are critical in setting and achieving your business’s financial goals and saving you money.

Aid in Fundraising Campaigns

A chief function of any CFO is raising capital for the business. Fundraising can be necessary to ensure your business can keep up with cash flow needs. But ensuring your CFO has the right connections and knows how to navigate the choppy waters of fundraising campaigns can be daunting.

Luckily, this is where an outsourced CFO can help your business generate more money. Because outsourced CFOs are generally well-connected with other financial service professionals, they can cast a wider fundraising net than an in-house professional.

Leveraging their own entrepreneurial chops means getting connected with the right financing institutions and leaders much more quickly than asking an in-house CFO to start making the networking rounds. Most outsourced CFOs have a large network of financial professionals they can tap to help your business raise the capital needed to achieve your next big goal. Most importantly, while an outsourced CFO can save you money, it’s equally critical they know how to make you money.

Streamline Your Bookkeeping & Tax Filing Process

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While some CFOs identify as accountants, it is certainly not required to step into this executive role. This means that many businesses must hire both an in-house CFO and a separate CPA to help with tax filings.

Therefore, hiring a CPA who offers outsourced CFO services can help your business save money in the long run. Instead of onboarding a new in-house CFO – paying all the upfront costs associated with headhunting and salary negotiations – and paying a separate accountant to help with bookkeeping and tax filings, you can streamline the process by outsourcing your CFO functions.

Hiring an outsourced CFO who doubles as a trusted CPA is one of the best ways to save your business money.

Cook CPA Group’s outsourced CFO service gives you the best of both worlds. We provide expert CPA services alongside strategic CFO services with the intent to save your business money year after year. When you’re ready to explore what Cook CPA Group can offer, we encourage you to check out our outsourced CFO services package and book a free consultation call with Evelyn to get started today!

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