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Roseville, CA Accountant for Representation Before Tax Authorities

If you need a representative before the IRS or other authority, call the Roseville accountants for representation before tax authorities at Cook CPA Group.

Certain circumstances require taxpayers to seek representation from accountants before the IRS or other tax authorities. This may be because of an audit or another tax situation such as appealing sales taxes or paying and filing specific types of taxes. Representation is needed to ensure that communications between the taxpayer and tax authority are clear, to prepare and file documents, to provide taxpayers with advice on important tax matters, and to handle whatever else is needed to ensure that the taxpayer’s rights are respected. If you need an accountant for representation before the IRS or another tax authority, you should seek the help of the Roseville tax authority representation accountants from Cook CPA Group as soon as possible. The accountants that work with Cook CPA Group are able to put their expertise to use to represent individuals and businesses before the IRS.

Types of Possible Representatives Before the IRS in Roseville, CA

There are two types of representation rights that determine who is able to Roseville, CA represent taxpayers before the IRS: unlimited representation and limited representation. Unlimited representation refers to representatives who are credentialed to represent clients before the IRS on any tax matter they may have. Tax professionals who are credentialed to represent clients before the IRS include:
  • Enrolled agents – Enrolled agents are licensed by the IRS and are subject to suitability checks. To become an enrolled agent, they must pass a three-part Special Enrollment Exam, which tests their knowledge of federal tax planning, representation before authorities, and tax preparation for both individuals and businesses.
  • Attorneys – Any individual who has passed a state bar exam is able to represent taxpayers before the IRS and other tax authorities. However, attorneys that have specialized knowledge in tax preparation and planning are better suited to represent clients before tax authorities.
  • Certified public accountants – Certified public accountants must show that they are qualified to represent clients before tax authorities by passing state board exams. Furthermore, they must maintain an active CPA license by complying with ethical standards and meeting continuing education requirements.
Limited representation, on the other hand, refers to representatives who are authorized to represent clients only if they prepared and signed that client’s tax return. Furthermore, these representatives are only able to represent clients in front of customer service representatives, IRS revenue agents, and other IRS employees.

How a Roseville Accountant Can Represent You or Your Business

The accountants that work with Cook CPA Group are able to represent clients before not only the IRS but also local and state tax agencies. Representing clients before tax authorities entails dealing with various types of governmental groups, drafting and sending various forms of communication, negotiating payment plans, guiding clients with advice as they navigate the legal system, and creating legal defenses for the client to use in court. Our Roseville accountants for tax authority representation can also represent clients as they face audits and other types of tax disputes, regardless of the type of tax involved. Representing clients as they face tax authorities also means gathering and preparing paperwork for clients, minimizing possible consequences for clients, and easing tax burdens imposed by the authorities.

Representation During a Tax Audit

While accountants are available to represent clients before the authorities for a variety of purposes, the most common reason for representation is audits. When representing clients during an audit, the main thing that accountants do is prepare the client for what is to come; this usually means helping the client answer questions from the IRS, which may entail asking for clarification about questions and answering in ways that protect the client. When representing a client during an audit, an accountant may also have to make sure that the questioner is asking appropriate questions. This may mean asking to see the tax agent’s identification; finding out which, if any, third parties have been contacted in relation to the client’s tax issue; and looking more deeply into the reasons why the tax authorities initiated the audit. Tax representatives also work to ensure that both the client and the tax agency in question respect common ground rules and check that no errors are being made. All of this is done to make sure that the client’s rights are being protected and that they are being treated fairly throughout the auditing process. Representatives before tax authorities will provide their clients with tips for dealing with the authority for the duration of their audit or dispute. Generally, representatives before tax authorities instruct their clients to respond to correspondence from the tax authority immediately and encourage them to maintain organized files. They also usually encourage clients to provide the tax authority only with the information that has been specifically requested and nothing more to limit any possible liability. Representatives can also advise clients on which documents to provide to the tax authority; for instance, clients are generally advised to refrain from providing the agency with an original document or the sole copy of a document.

Roseville Accountants for Representation Before Tax Authorities

The Roseville tax authority representation accountants at Cook CPA Group are available to stand up for clients before the IRS or any other tax authority. Cook CPA Group is committed to helping clients achieve peace of mind by offering thorough tax representation services. To discuss the ways that Cook CPA Group’s offerings can benefit your financial situation, schedule a free consultation with Cook CPA Group today.