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Roseville, CA Accounting Services for Medical Practices

The Roseville medical accounting services at Cook CPA Group can help if you are in need of a tax service for your medical practice. Free consultation.

The medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries face unprecedented challenges in today’s economy. The internet and social media are reshaping the patient journey, while ever-increasing regulatory costs are making it harder to remain competitive. At the same time, health insurance legislation is continually evolving in California, increasing the strain on many medical practices in Roseville. As such, the importance of accounting in healthcare cannot be overstated. Faced with such complex hurdles, your medical practice needs financial guidance from a trustworthy, experienced tax accountant who understands the unique challenges affecting today’s medical industry. At Cook CPA Group, we are a team of business tax accountants and consultants with more than 20 years of experience serving solo practices, group practices, and employed physician practices throughout the Roseville, CA area. We provide insightful, strategic bookkeeping for medical practices, with a focus on reducing your costs, minimizing your tax liabilities, and planning for the future of your company.

Tax Planning and Preparation for Medical Practices in Roseville, CA

In today’s economic climate, being a skilled and respected physician is no longer enough to give your practice the competitive edge it needs. In order to meet shifting demands, allocate resources effectively, and avoid becoming obsolete, you must ensure that your medical practice treats its finances as thoughtfully and carefully as you treat your patients. Meticulous, detail-oriented tax planning and tax preparation are essential to the long-term financial health of your business. At Cook CPA Group, our medical accountants provide an array of local, California, and federal tax preparation services for medical practices and business owners in the healthcare industry. Our experienced small business CPAs can assist you and your company with key areas of tax planning and preparation, such as:
  • Compiling and analyzing statements and financial records
  • Developing strategies for addressing unpaid tax debts and back taxes
  • Educating you on the impacts of the federal tax reform bill, known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which affects issues such as pass-through and corporate taxation while both establishing – and eliminating – various tax credits and deductions
  • Evaluating your compliance with foreign income disclosure requirements, such as the requirement to file an FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) under the Bank Secrecy Act
  • Evaluating your compliance with state and federal tax regulations, such as FICA tax requirements for employers
  • Filing local, state, and federal tax returns
  • Forecasting cash flow and addressing budgetary concerns efficiently
  • Helping you choose a structure for your medical practice, such as an S corporation or C corporation
  • Identifying tax deductions and credits that you are eligible to claim
  • Planning for the tax impacts of mergers, acquisitions, business sales and dissolutions, and other major business decisions or transactions
  • Preparing your business for tax audits
  • Providing QuickBooks support
  • Representing your practice before state or federal tax authorities, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Franchise Tax Board (FTB)
  • Reviewing previous tax returns for errors or omissions
  • Seeking ways to minimize your tax liabilities while remaining in compliance with the law

Bookkeeping and Accounting in the Healthcare Industry

Proudly serving small to midsize medical practices throughout the Roseville, CA region, the dedicated CPAs at our accounting firm are focused on helping your business find answers – and implement solutions – to complex tax and financial questions. In addition to preparing and filing your tax returns, our vigilant advisors are ready to evaluate and overhaul any financial aspect of your practice, from your current expense-tracking systems to your internal control procedures. At Cook CPA Group, our mission is to eliminate waste, streamline for efficiency, and free up valuable resources for allocation toward what’s most important: providing the highest possible quality of care for your patients. Our team is committed to helping your team find better solutions to local, state, and federal tax issues, while helping you execute clear and cost-effective procedures. Whether you need assistance with QuickBooks, auditing, tax preparation, internal controls, CFO services, or other matters, our Roseville accountants can provide the support you need.

Roseville Medical Accounting Services for Doctors, Dentists, and Clinics

At your medical practice, you are dedicated to helping your patients achieve better health. At Cook CPA Group, we are dedicated to helping your practice achieve better financial health. Let us make running your business easier, so that you have more time and energy to dedicate to your patients. From drafting and reviewing physician buy-in agreements, to analyzing the effects of leasing versus purchasing commercial real estate – from facilitating coding and billing, to auditing employee benefit plans – our versatile accounting firm can help your practice find cost-efficient solutions to its greatest challenges.