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Sacramento Agricultural Accounting Services

The accountants at Cook CPA can help with agricultural business needs and challenges from tax prep to land leasing.

With agricultural production in Placer County valued at close to $75 million in 2012, the year for which the most recent statistics are available, it’s clear that agricultural businesses play a significant role in our region’s economic success. But for many of those agribusiness owners—maybe even you–what might not be clear is how to navigate federal and state tax codes and use them to your advantage—not just at tax time, but all year long. After all, your job is to grow crops, raise cattle, or harvest grapes. You’re probably too busy running your business to pay much attention to details such as whether Congress has reauthorized research and development credits or what tax credits are available to reduce your payroll costs. Maybe you’re pretty good at keeping up with tax laws affecting your agricultural business, but aren’t quite sure how depreciation works or how Section 179 rules impact when to purchase farm equipment. Maybe you’re thinking about investing in something new like sustainable agriculture or ag-related biotechnology or are worried about who’s going to take over your small family farm when you retire.

Cook CPA Group is here to help.

From cash flow management to payroll and taxes to succession plans, we’ve been helping agribusinesses throughout Central California including Amador County, Placer County, the San Joaquin and the Sacramento Valley with their unique accounting needs for more than 25 years. Not only are we are knowledgeable about every aspect of tax law affecting agricultural businesses, but we understand the cyclical nature of crops and the long-term commitment it takes to make a business like this profitable.

Agricultural businesses require special accounting expertise.

At Cook CPA Group our focus is on the particular needs of agricultural businesses just like yours–from the land you lease or own, to the livestock you keep, the crops you grow and how your products are distributed. We know, for example that you need to stay close to the farm or near your production facilities to take care of day to day business operations of farm management. That’s why, when you need our services we come to you whether it’s tax accounting, tax preparation or tax planning for next year. We enjoy visiting your farm operation no matter how small or large and getting to know you. It’s part of our job here at Cook CPA Group, and it helps us serve you better. But personal attention is just one of the benefits you get when you hire the tax professionals at Cook CPA Group. Here’s what else you get when you hire the experienced, friendly, tax professionals at Cook CPA Group:
  • Tax Preparation to make sure your business is in compliance with all state and federal laws on quarterly and annual returns.
  • Tax Planning throughout the year to plan for maximizing profits and minimizing taxes.
  • Strategic Business Planning to clarify your direction and prepare your business for new loans and funding should you need them.
  • CFO Consulting on all tax-related business issues.
  • Financial Auditing to provide assurance of your financial statements.

Our success is your success.

Whether you own a small family farm that only sells your produce locally or operate a large farm with a crop production facility, our job is to make sure you take advantage of every single credit and deduction you are entitled to under federal and state tax codes.