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Sacramento Franchisor Auditing Services

The experienced accountants at Cook CPA can help with franchisor business needs and challenges from auditing to bookkeeping.

Franchisors must comply with a plethora of rules when it comes to auditing, and hiring a Sacramento franchisor CPA can help ensure compliance. For example, the Federal Trade Commission (or FTC) requires that franchisors disclose their business franchise in detail and submit annual financial statements for review. These regulations serve as an assurance to buyers who may otherwise be wary about investing time or money into unknown risks.

Franchise financial statement audits are important for an efficient and effective management of your franchise. Audits assure you that everything is being reported accurately so there are no issues with meeting the requirements set by regulators or compliance standards. There may be some additional benefits to undergoing this process, such as identifying any internal problems within the company which can then help address present and future challenges facing your business like possible mismanagement or oversight failures in other areas of operations due to personnel changes, et cetera.

Cook CPA Group: Experienced Sacramento Franchisor CPA Firm

From cash flow management to payroll to taxes, we’ve been helping franchisors conduct financial audits throughout Central and Northern California, including the San Joaquin and the Sacramento Valley, Amador County, and Placer County with their complex accounting and auditing needs for more than 25 years.

Not only are we are knowledgeable about every aspect of tax law affecting franchise businesses, but we understand the long-term commitment it takes to make a business like this profitable.

Franchisor CPAs in Sacramento Need Specialized Expertise

At Cook CPA Group, our experienced franchisor CPAs understand the particular and complicated auditing requirements for California franchise businesses like yours–from the locations to the upkeep, the merchandise to employees.

Cook CPA Group’s tax experts provide you with personal attention as one of the benefits of their services. You also receive the following benefits when you hire Cook CPA Group’s experienced, friendly, and tax professionals:

  • Finance auditing. Your financial statements should be audited to ensure their accuracy.
  • Preparation of taxes. Our team will ensure that all state and federal laws are followed for quarterly and annual returns.
  • Consulting for CFOs. We advise our clients on all tax-related issues.
  • Planning your business strategy. Ensure your direction is clear and you are prepared for new loans and funding should you need it.
  • Planning taxes. Plan profit maximization and tax minimization throughout the year.

We Succeed When You Succeed

It is our job to make sure you make the most of all the credits and deductions available to you under federal and state tax laws, regardless of whether you run a small locally-owned chain or run a large franchise corporation.