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Benefits of Breaking Your Humans Away from their Kennels

I’ve learned much in my few years of roaming the halls and observing my humans hard at work and home.

I’ve learned much in my few years of roaming the halls and observing my humans hard at work and home. Even though there are many tips and tricks I can share with you about proper human training, I wanted to highlight the benefits of letting your humans out to play away from their day-to-day kennels, like work and home.

If your mom is like mine, she spends many hours in the office staring at large bright screens (that do not give treats, by the way)! Every now and again, it’s important for her to go out to play, refresh and reenergize.

On a serious note, according to my web research at, there are significant studies that point out the health benefits of taking breaks from the day-to-day grind:

  1. Decreased Heart Disease – men and women who take annual vacations are less likely to die from heart disease. This means your human will not only have a longer life span to play with you, but have the cardiovascular health to chase you too!
  2. Decreased Depression – men and women who enjoy leisure activities, including taking time off from work, have higher positive emotional levels and less depression. This translates to a happy human who will pet you more often!
  3. Less Stress – Removing your human from activities and environments that tend to be a source of stress alleviates stress all around. This is like hitting a reset button on your human – could mean more treats when you are good!
  4. Improved Productivity – studies reinforce that those who don’t step away from their work are less productive than those who take breaks. This certainly translates into more quality time with your human!

In an effort to break my mom free from the day-to-day kennels in efforts to reap the benefits listed above, I curated an adventure to my favorite local October festival – BARKTOBERFEST!

In addition to fundraising for the Placer SPCA, it brought out what seemed to be hundreds of dogs (and their humans) for a day of socializing, fun demonstrations and beer tasting.

We watched many dogs participating in races against each other, and a pretty amazing K-9 officer demonstrating fierce attacks on a simulated criminal human.  We learned all about how friendly our K-9 heroes are, despite the heavy burdens of protecting and serving their communities.

After the demonstrations and stopping to meet as many dogs as we could, mom walked around and tasted some of the local beers from 23 different local breweries! We met these two humans serving one of mom’s favorites, so I decided to brighten their day by snuggling and taking pictures with them. Every dog here was super friendly and their humans were so happy to let us just hang out and relax.

One of my best friends, Caspar and I relaxing at Barktoberfest.

I noticed a dramatic improvement in mom’s treat sharing the week following, as well as playtime and snuggles.  It’s good to keep your human refreshed by breaking them away from stressors.

If you’re noticing your human needs more stress-free adventures with you, call Cook CPA Group today to take advantage of our Virtual CFO Services.  Let them know Bishop sent you, and I promise you won’t be disappointed by the additional playtime you’ll have to share together!