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Economic Horse Fact #1

Economic horse fact #1 from horse finance experts at Cook CPA Group. Equine finance experts at Cook CPA Group share interesting economical facts about horses and horse businesses.

We’ll going to post a few tidbits concerning horse business as far as the economic outlook, marketing and income taxes that will be discussed further in our seminar on January 13, 2011.

  • Did you know between 1996 and 2005, the horse population has increased approximately 240,000 in California? During that same time period the horse population increased by about 2.3 million in the United States. That gives us some background in understanding the current over-supply of horses.
  • Surprisingly, race horse are the smallest piece at 725,000 and 941,000 in California and the United States, respectively, in 1999. What is the largest use of the horse? Recreation. 2.9 million and 4.3 million recreation horses in California and the United States, respectively, in 1999. How does that information fit into your business plan?
  • The trend of equine growth continues with breed registries increasing from 60 in 1975 to 122 in 2009. Equine periodicals increasing from 136 in 1975 to 241 in 2009. But health research did not show the same trend as there were 6 horse research organizations in 1976 compared to 13 in 2009. Hopefully, the health research organization will gain some momentum to decrease the cost of horse ownership.