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Overcoming Physical Challenges and Natural Disasters in Building A Distillery

Keys to overcoming physical challenges and natural disasters while building a distillery. Learn how Loch & Union Distilling overcame the harsh challenges of natural disasters on the road to success.

At its core, building and running a distillery is a physical process. There are natural and man-made disasters to overcome, resource constraints, and facility planning complexities.  Discover how Loch & Union has persevered in the face of difficult physical challenges to become a thriving distillery.

Duration (25:25)

Podcast topics:

00:39 – Surviving Covid – pivoting to contract work and hand sanitizer

08:00 – Surviving natural disasters: fires and earthquakes

12:07 – Overcoming unexpected challenges with local permitting

14:44 – The importance of having good contractors to building a distillery for the right price

15:59 – Assembling the stills from scratch

18:30 – Using multiple stills for different purposes

19:45 – Pitfalls to watch out for when starting a distillery

21:02 – Design of the facility: upfront cost vs. operational efficiency

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